Are you ready for a fish that will test your strength, stamina, and fishing skills? If you can handle the challenge, the “Silver King” is the fish for you.

These majestic Tarpons have become the most sought-after game fish in the Florida Keys, April through July, being the prime season. This mammoth migrates up and down the coast filling up the bridge passes and backcountry waters. Tarpon are acrobats of the ocean and put on a spectacular show in the air! Whether you’re using rod and reel or fly fishing, these sometimes 100 plus pound fish love to fight hard. Tides, weather, and moon phases play an essential factor in a Tarpon’s behavior, but these kings are always hungry, biting on both live and artificial bait. Bring your camera because catching a tarpon is a stunning experience that you will want to capture. These fascinating sport fish are catch and release. It only takes one battle with these prehistoric creatures to become completely mesmerized, and you’ll be longing to catch more.

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With fish migration patterns and feeding habits changing daily call us for recommendations on the best day and timeslot.

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