How about we supply the boat, and you plan the trip!

On this charter, you can customize YOUR perfect day on the water. It’s like being the Capitan without having to steer the ship or pay for the boat. The world is your oyster, and the shimmery clear waters of the Florida Keys are yours to enjoy.

Here are some activities for you to choose from:

Fishing: Since Islamorada is the Sport-Fishing Capital of the World, you can never go wrong throwing some bait into the water and seeing what you may catch. The Fish population here is incredibly diverse, so trying your hand at hooking one of the most sought-after species may be just the activity you never realized you wanted on your bucket list.

Eco-Touring: The Keys are a paradise of exotic wildlife, living in their unique and natural habitats just waiting for you to observe. You can enjoy the beauty of these waters while still preserving their delicate ecosystems. These lush mangrove forests are home to several species of shoreline birds, reptiles, and marine mammals like the manatee.

Snorkeling: You will view the world in a whole new way when you explore it from under the waves. You are free to explore without feeling weighted down by heavy equipment as you float on top of the water, watching the fish schools swim past. The colorful reef systems are full of fish and majestic creatures of the sea.

Sandbar: Do you need a break from the hustle and bustle of it all or to re-connect with the ones you love? How does relaxing by the water with your toes in the sand sound? If this is your idea of a perfect day, you are almost there. All you need to do is book your trip and get on the boat.

Swimming: With an average yearly water temperature, at a warm 80 degrees, then you know why the Keys is the place to be if you love to swim. Especially in the summer months, jumping into the clear blue-green water to get a break from the sun is a welcomed activity.

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With fish migration patterns and feeding habits changing daily call us for recommendations on the best day and timeslot.

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